Tuesday, 14.11.2023

New CRC 1526 Project: B10 "Stromal regulation of inflammation in pemphigoid diseases"

We are happy to announce that the Project B10 "Stromal regulation of inflammation in pemphigoid diseases" is accepted by the DFG and will be integrated in the research programm of the CRC 1526! The project, directed by Prof. Dr. Markus Hoffmann, addresses the question, to what degree tissue priming...

Wednesday, 07.09.2022

New Review Published

We gladly announce our first published review article in Frontiers in Immunology about: "The relevance of complement in pemphigoid diseases: A critical appraisal" Papara, Cristian; Karsten, Christian M.;Ujiie, Hideyuki; [...], and Hammers, Christoph M. Pemphigoid diseases are autoimmune...

Thursday, 21.04.2022

CRC 1526 now on Twitter!

You can now follow us on twitter under @crc1526! In the future we will post interesting news about our research, new publications of our members and updates about upcoming events, so stay tuned!

Saturday, 01.01.2022

Foundation of the CRC 1526

We happily announce the start of the first funding period of the CRC 1526 "Pathomechanisms of antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases (PANTAU) - Insights from pemphigoid disease"